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We hold space for you to experience mental, emotional, and physical relief.

Our sessions are customized to treat each individual with care and expertise. We are client-focused and encourage healing from within.    


We pull from a blend of modalities, including focused deep tissue work, myofascial release, stretching, and more. Our customized massage allows us to support various goals, including pain relief, relaxation, target work, and more. You can expect a personable experience in a thoughtful and healing space.

*includes complimentary therapeutic grade essential oil

30 Min - $55     45 Min - $70    60 Min - $90  

          75 Min - $110   90 Min - $130


We address your needs with specialized techniques and awareness so you can enjoy a sense of physical relief and mental/emotional peace. Specialized for individuals past their first trimester.

60 Min - $100      75 Min -$120       90 Min - $140


During this session, your therapist will act as a vessel as they guide healing energy into your body. This energy is also known as "prana" in yoga and "chi" in Chinese medicine. Clients generally leave feeling a sense of profound peace, joy, and lightness. Duration 45 - 60 minutes.

Especially recommended for those experiencing recent or severe emotional distress.

45 Min - $70


Whether you are a professional athlete looking to add to your conditioning, a beginner looking to try something new, someone navigating an injury or chronic pain, curious about what your body can do before stepping into a formal studio setting, or a consistent practitioner looking to improve specific postures, a private or small group yoga session is for you! Yoga helps connect your body, mind, and breath in a natural way, opening you up to many possibilities. With a consistent yoga regimen, you will notice instant improvement in your physical and emotional regulation, your agility, and your receptiveness to other wellness practices. 

30 Min intro - $55        60 Min - $125


We are available to host and participate in private, group, and community events. Our offerings include but are not limited to private group yoga, meditation, chair massage and more


Email Sarah at to discuss your needs.


Receive one or more services per month and enjoy $15 off the regular rate

Discount is applicable to multiple services 

Family/friends receive $10 off their first service

Additional benefits vary


No start up costs. No additional fees


Clients must receive a minimum of 1 regularly priced service prior to joining membership.




Sarah - Owner, LMT, RYT, Reiki Certified


Sarah attributes her unique and therapeutic massage style to her early massage days working on Hilton Head Island, where she learned from seasoned therapists to treat the practice as something sacred. 

Today, the International Spa Institute graduate owns and operates Healing Roots Massage & Wellness Center with the intention of creating a haven for others to experience relief from physical, mental, and emotional distress, as well as a renewed connection to one’s self. 

Since starting her career as a holistic practitioner, Sarah has received certification in Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, completed Myofascial Release training, and became certified in Reiki levels1 2 & 3. Sarah shapes her work in a way that addresses the whole self, and clients can expect thorough, meaningful work in a safe, intimate, and easeful space. Currently, Sarah is in the process of completing her Masters in Social Work at The University of Pittsburgh. Her intent is to provide direct practice therapy as a complement to Healing Roots' existing services. 

Outside of Healing Roots - Sarah enjoys spending time in nature, practicing yoga, running, and writing poetry.

Abbie - LMT, Reiki Certified

Abbie's commitment to wellness, self-care, and self-improvement was established at a fairly young age. The road that led them to their current outlook on such things has been a winding one and heavily shaped by their efforts to understand their own place in the world and how best to function in it. 

Abbie has sought direction in various disciplines – religion, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, exercise, and health-consciousness. While each of these things has played its own important role in their growth, massage therapy is the first of such disciplines that they've become truly rooted in. It is one of the few things that Abbie genuinely believes everybody can derive some benefit from.

As a therapist, Abbie takes great pride and pleasure in being a part of others' journeys of self-care and healing. They believe that each individual has their own unique way of being in the world. Through massage, Abbie wishes to connect with, encourage, and teach people who resonate with this thinking. 

Tending to a varying blend of Swedish, Myofascial, and Trigger Point techniques, no two massages Abbie gives are the same, just as no two people are the same. Their number one goal for every session is to create space for a whole person just to be. People often find their work to be deeply relaxing and comforting.

Abbie graduated from the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy. As a part of the same program, they have been attuned in Level 1 Reiki. Abbie's continued learning trajectory includes deepening their understanding of Myofascial work and learning how best to incorporate energy work and intentionality into their practice.

Outside of massage therapy, Abbie spends as much time as possible with friends and loved ones. A collector of hobbies, but regularly enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons, cooking, and creating music.


Jason - LMT

Jason has always enjoyed helping people. In 2004 he went to massage school in Portland, OR, to learn to help people in a way he had not yet. The teachers he had were of varying disciplines and introduced him to many modalities. One of his first jobs was working on a sports massage team, which led him to more of a treatment-style massage. Later he worked with a doctor who treated patients involved in automobile crashes and work-related injuries where he was able to focus on more acute and chronic conditions.

Jason's massage incorporates many different modalities from deep tissue, trigger point, and sports massage. When working into the muscle, he likes to go slow for the tissues to relax as he finds that to give a longer-lasting benefit. Something he has learned along the way is that education and awareness can help you to heal from your injuries. He is currently working towards becoming a C.A.M.T. (Certified Advanced Myofascial Therapist). 

His studies have taken him to Spain, where he took movement and bodywork classes on the Camino. When not providing massage, Jason enjoys the outdoors by bicycle, foot, and any of the slow boating ways. 

Jim received his master’s degree from the Pennsylvania State University and enjoyed a rewarding career in environmental science and research.  While designing and building his family’s house, he hurt his back, and after spending time at several doctors, he still could not relieve the back pain. Jim started a yoga practice at the advice of a friend and was amazed by the relief. He has had a regular yoga practice for the past 12 years and has found a new interest in understanding the body. Jim completed his training at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy through encouragement from yoga friends, where he currently teaches Neuromuscular Therapy.

Jim’s sessions includes swedish, neuromuscular, trigger point, sports, and Esalen. A session can be an integration of these methods. Jim is currently completing a certification in Esalen deep tissue bodywork at the Esalen Institute in California. This modality creates a very connecting session of energy between client and therapist.  

Jim is an experienced woodworker and likes making bowls and small boxes. Recently, he built a large treehouse and expanded the family garden.


Angelica - RYT, Reiki Certified

Angelica Daniele is a Philadelphia native who earned her M.A. in Arts Management (2012) and B.A., summa cum laude, in dance and psychology (2009) from Goucher College in Baltimore, MD. It was during her time in Baltimore, pursuing cross training for her dance career, that she found the Original Hot Yoga method. In addition to over 13 years of practice, Angelica has served as manager for several yoga schools and competed in multiple championships through USA Yoga.

She finally decided to take the leap and become an instructor in summer 2016 through Yoga Factory Teacher Training and has accumulated nearly 1000 hours in certifications in multiple yoga styles. She is grateful for the opportunity to pursue her passion for yoga and teaching at Healing Roots and at Yoga Factory Pittsburgh, a hot yoga school where she manages retreats and training programs. She is also the owner of LaLa Land Comfywear (a yoga/athletic wear clothing line), an independent dance artist, Reiki practitioner, business coach, and pursuing an M.S. in Addictions Counseling through Purdue University.



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You may cancel or reschedule any appointment with a minimum of 24 hours notice. If notice for cancellation is given less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, you will be assessed a nonrefundable, non-transferable $40 cancellation fee. Please email for cancellation requests. 

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