A session at Healing Roots begins by getting to understand you and your goals. We provide the space and the customized techniques for optimal healing-physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Customized Massage

45 Minute $65

Package of 3: $180

60 Minute $85

Package of 3: $225

75 Minute $110

Package of 3: $300

90 Minute $125

Package of 3: $345

** Add aromatherapy to any massage for deepened relaxation and pain relief -$10

A massage at Healing Roots is truly effective for stress relief, pain relief, relaxation and increased wellness. Our therapist customizes your massage based on your goals and intentions using a blend of modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Aromatherapy and more.

Speciality Services

Ayurveda Health Consultation $75

Ayurveda Wellness Consultations focuses on the holistic make-up of a person. The first half hour is aimed at discovering an individual’s unique mind-body type or Dosha. This is done by a physical, mental and emotional examination. The physical examination includes a pulse assessment and tongue assessment to determine any physical imbalances in the body. After the initial examination recommendations are then given based on the clients Dosha and any state of imbalance in the physical, mental or emotional bodies. Recommendations will include an individualized nutrition plan- helping you to eat foods that work for your body rather against it, fitness regime, herbal products and oils for home care, and personal empowerment tools. Consultations include 2 weeks of email support to answer any questions that may arise and help clients maintain their programs.

* herbs and treatments additional cost
** follow up consultation - $35

Abhyanga $108

A luxurious and relaxing full-body warm oil massage. Designed to bring balance and harmony to the Dosha’s, deeply nourish the skin and tissue systems, remove toxins and soothe accumulated stress from the body. As the warm oils penetrate the skin toxins and impurities are loosened, reducing muscle tension and calming the nervous system. Oils used are natural and include Sesame and Coconut Oil.

Raindrop Technique – 90 Minutes $145

Package of 3: $405

Application of 8 therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils along the spine combine with a full body massage to promote physical, mental, & emotional balance. Rejuvenating, relaxing, and releasing.

Especially recommended for:

  • Individuals interested in enhancing their immune system
  • Those looking to detox
  • Seekers of mental, emotional, and physical balance

Private Classes

Meditation $50

Package of 3: $135

Meditation is where the real magic unfolds. In our private meditation sessions we will instruct you on how to physically, mentally, and emotionally approach the ancient practice. You will learn variations of seated posture, hand posture, mudras, and mantras. Private meditation sessions are ideal for those curious of the healing and freeing potential of meditation. Our goal is to give you the guidance to ultimately implement a routine home practice. Meditation seats provided.

Yoga Nidra $50

Package of 3: $135

A form of guided meditation accessible to everyone. Yoga Nidra takes you on a journey of relaxation into every level of being including physical, energetic, mental, and emotional layers. Though a systematic approach of breath awareness, body scanning, healing music and imagery you will experience the ultimate sense of self where true healing unfolds. Our private sessions are customized to bring healing energy to any areas of emotional, physical, or mental blockages. Yoga Nidra is typically practiced while lying down on a yoga mat but can also be practiced on a meditation seat or in a chair. We encourage the most comfortable set-up for you and your body. Meditation seats and yoga mats provided. No experience necessary.

Yoga $65

Package of 3: $180

Designed to meet you at your level of ability. Our private sessions are tailored to work on whatever component of yoga you are seeking to expand upon: physical postures, breath work, philosophy, meditation, and more. Sessions are highly personable and customized. Our intimate space is ideal for newcomers to yoga who are not yet comfortable with diving into a traditional class setting. Yoga mats and props provided.


Healing Roots prides itself on providing a safe space for you and your yoga/meditation practice. We have created a comfortable and community oriented ambiance that is beginner friendly. Please email or call Sarah if you still have any questions.

Arrive 10-20 minutes before class begins to sign in, set up, and get settled in.

Use the side purple door for entrance and remove shoes upon entering. Cubby spaces are provided for shoes and other personal items.

Cell phones should be turned to off or on silent upon entering our studio.

Massages may be in session upon your arrival. We encouraging chatting with our teachers and fellow students but ask that you be mindful of your voice level.

Please consult with Sarah ahead of time if you are interested in bringing your child to a class (under 15 years of age).

Blankets and block are available for use. We welcome you to bring any additional personal props to enhance and/or support your practice.

Tell your teacher about any injuries or health conditions that might affect your practice. We can suggest modifications and help you enjoy your practice safely and comfortably.

Avoid wearing scents!

Bring a bottle of water to ensure proper hydration.

Our goal is to provide a safe and inviting space. If at any time you have questions, concerns, or suggestions please bring them to Sarah or your instructor. It is a privilege to serve our Shadyside community and we look forward to practicing with you.