Customized Massage

A session at Healing Roots begins by getting to understand you and your goals. We provide the space and the customized techniques for optimal healing-physically, mentally, and emotionally.

45 Min – $70 


60 Min – $90 

90 Min – $130


Reiki $55

The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (rei) which means “universal life” and (ki) which means “energy”. During this session your therapist will act as a vessel as she guides life force energy through her hands and into your body. Life force energy is also known as “prana” or “chi”. Clients generally leave their reiki sessions feeling a sense of profound peace, joy and lightness.

Especially recommended for:
Individuals interested in a non invasive healing session and those experiencing increased or severe emotional distress.


Ayurveda Wellness Consultation $60

Every person is unique therefore each consultation is designed to assist you with your specific individual needs and goals.

The first half hour of the consultation is focused on discovering a person’s unique mind-body type or Dosha. This is done by a physical, mental and emotional examination. The physical examination includes a pulse assessment and tongue assessment to determine any physical imbalances in the body. Mental and emotional assessments are based on childhood, interests, personality, and current level of stress. After the initial examination the second half hour is focused on recommendations. Recommendations are given based on the clients Dosha and any state of imbalance in the physical, mental or emotional bodies.

All consultations include: dosha assessment, nutrition plan, fitness plan, product recommendations and personal empowerment tools. Plus 2 weeks of email support to help clients maintain their programs and answer any questions that may arise.

** follow up consultation – $30

60 Minute Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Oil Massage $60

A relaxing full-body warm oil massage using the essential healing oils of Coconut and Sesame. This therapy is designed to soothe achy muscles and joints, calm the nervous system and bring a feeling of peace to the mind, body, and spirit.

Especially Recommended for:
Those looking for relaxation, rejuvenation, and tension relief.

90 Minute Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Oil Massage $108

A luxurious and relaxing full-body warm oil massage. Designed to bring balance and harmony to the Dosha’s, deeply nourish the skin and tissue systems, remove toxins and soothe accumulated stress from the body. As the warm oils penetrate the skin, toxins and impurities are loosened, reducing muscle tension and calming the nervous system. 

This therapy is a deeply healing experience and it best paired with an Ayurvedic Wellness consultation so the therapy can be tailored to individual needs. Oils used are organic and natural healing herbal oils. Additional oils include Sesame and Coconut Oil.

Especially Recommended for: Those looking for a gentle detox, to deeply nourish and strengthen tissue system, and promote feelings of self-love and peace

* Includes Steam Therapy and optional Belly Massage

Kundalini Back and Spine Massage $70.00

Duration: 60 Minutes

An Ayurvedic healing therapy focused on the care of the spine, nervous system and energy systems of the body. In this 60 minute session Mahanarayan Oil is applied to the entire back helping to soothe achy muscles, nourish the spine, and relax the entire body.

The session ends with 10 minutes of warm steam applied to the back

Especially Recommended for: Those who have neck and back pain, those looking to soothe the nervous system, bring balance to energy systems of the body.

* Mahanarayan Oil is a specific combination of several different healing herbs that help to soothe muscles and joints.

Face Marma therapy $50.00

Duration: 45 Minutes

An Ayurvedic facial that involves isolating Marma points and massaging them in a specfic way to facilitate healing. Marmas are subtle energy points where two are more tissue types meet. In Ayurvedic Medicine it is understood that our lifestyle, emotional and physical stresses can cause blockages and imbalances. In this therapy, a hydrating and rejuvenating rose face mask is applied to the skin. 

Following the face mask is a coconut oil massage to the face, neck and shoulders. The Marmas are then manipulated to improve the flow of energy and rejuvenate the skin for an overall sense of well-being.

Especially Recommended for:

Those looking to improve skin complexion and glow, relief from sinus congestion, relief from tension headaches.

Private Classes

Meditation $49

Meditation is where the real magic unfolds. In our private meditation sessions we will instruct you on how to physically, mentally, and emotionally approach the ancient practice. You will learn variations of seated posture, hand posture, mudras, and mantras. Private meditation sessions are ideal for those curious of the healing and freeing potential of meditation. Our goal is to give you the guidance to ultimately implement a routine home practice. Meditation seats provided.

Especially recommended for:

BEGINNERS! A private meditation session at Healing Roots is the best way to alleviate any uncertainty, answer questions and receive support and guidance. We believe meditation is the path to true peace and happiness and we are so grateful to hold the space for your experience as you begin this journey inward.

Yoga Nidra $49

A form of guided meditation accessible to everyone. Yoga Nidra takes you on a journey of relaxation into every level of being including physical, energetic, mental, and emotional layers. Though a systematic approach of breath awareness, body scanning, healing music and imagery you will experience the ultimate sense of self where true healing unfolds. Our private sessions are customized to bring healing energy to any areas of emotional, physical, or mental blockages. Yoga Nidra is typically practiced while lying down on a yoga mat but can also be practiced on a meditation seat or in a chair. We encourage the most comfortable set-up for you and your body. Meditation seats and yoga mats provided. No experience necessary.

Especially recommended for:
Those experiencing emotional discomfort, difficulty sleeping, anxiety or depression.

Yoga $65

Designed to meet you at your level of ability. Our private sessions are tailored to work on whatever component of yoga you are seeking to expand upon: physical postures, breath work, philosophy, meditation, and more. Sessions are highly personable and customized. Our intimate space is ideal for newcomers to yoga who are not yet comfortable with diving into a traditional class setting. 

Yoga mats and props provided.

Especially recommended for:
Beginners! We highly encourage finding a studio to practice at regularly, but if you have never practiced before we understand walking into a studio can be a bit intimidating. Healing Roots is the perfect space to learn the foundations of yoga. We have created an intimate space for you to have a personable and thorough yoga experience. After one or a few private sessions at Healing Roots, we are confident you will be excited to step into a yoga studio and begin a dedicated practice.