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Yoga at Healing Roots

Our Approach

At Healing Roots, we believe in the foundations of yoga. Our classes are approachable and accessible to newcomers and seasoned yogis alike. Due to room size, our classes are limited to six students max. This makes our classes a lovely option if you are overwhelmed by the idea of being in a large classroom.

Yoga props, including yoga mats, are available at no cost. You must pre-register. Walk-ins will only be permitted if our roster is not full. Cancellations made with less than a 12-hour notice will be charged a $12 cancellation fee. If a prepaid class is canceled in advance of the cancellation window, your payment will be retained as credit for a future class or service.



A relaxed, slow-paced series of postures designed to connect your body, breath, and mind. This is not a physically active class, and you will spend most of it either seated or lying on your mat. Yin postures emphasize long holds (anywhere from one to five minutes) and deep stretches, allowing the body’s connective tissue to soften and release. Restorative poses are comfortable and nourishing positions that offer space for your body to relax deeply, allowing your mental and emotional body to unwind. This class is suitable for beginners of yoga as well as those with limited experience in exercise.



Sundays & Wednesdays, 7:30pm


At Healing Roots, we prioritize the foundations of yoga.  As such, our vinyasa class is accessible to both new and seasoned yogis. You will move through a series of poses while connecting breath to movement.  We offer modifications to either increase or lighten the intensity of your practice. You can expect classical yoga postures with creative sequencing. This class aims to provide you space to get curious about your body and breath as you find small but sacred moments of stillness.


Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7:30am


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