“For me, massages are 100 percent necessary in order to continue the mind-body connection, and Healing Roots is the best place that you can go. “

—Keka S.

“I’ve been looking for a great massage therapist in the area for a really long time and I finally found Sarah. I come every single week. It’s something that once I started doing I just couldn’t imagine not doing. I started coming here because I had an injury in my back and lower left hip, and she’s been able to work through everything. I feel like I’m back to normal and I haven’t felt like this in years. I really can’t say enough great things, it’s been absolutely amazing.”

—Tyler B.

“I come to Healing Roots because Sarah is amazing and every single time I have back problems she always gets everything out, and it always smells amazing! The whole set-up is relaxing and the location is great.”

—Katie R.

“I started coming to Healing Roots because I was looking for some therapy after some bus accidents that hurt my neck pretty bad. Sarah’s massages are great for relaxation and for helping with the inflammation and pain from my whiplash. I feel so relaxed just coming here. The  whole atmosphere is very therapeutic and healing.”

—Ben C.

“I like coming here regularly because it gives me a good feeling that lasts all week. Sarah is very good at providing different types of massages”.

—Usha P.

Through a regular routine of massage therapy with Sarah, I gained most of the feeling back in my hands and reduced overall inflammation. She has the strength and durability to work the muscles deep and the touch of tenderness to sooth the soul. I have had several massage therapists in the past but none with the consistent up-lifting enthusiasm and light hearted personality and skills.


— George D.

Sarah is such a caring, thoughtful person. She combines that with her skill as a massage therapist for excellent results. I have always left feeling extremely relaxed & pain free. I would highly recommend her.


— Zoe K.

As a beginner in yoga, classes can be intimidating. Sarah takes great care in making sure that her lessons are individualized to each client. It’s been great to feel myself getting stronger each week with her private classes. I’m building strength and confidence in my practice while learning from an experienced instructor and a kind soul.


— Caitlin B.