Have you ever imagined yourself feeling really relaxed?

Or peaceful? Or calm? It’s fun to imagine. It’s fun to picture yourself flowing through the chaos of life with ease. But sometimes these are difficult feelings to attain. How often do these imagined versions of ourselves just stay in our heads to grow stale and forgotten? ALL the time. I get it. Life is stressful; relationships, work, finances, societal pressures, Whole Foods on a Saturday. All of it has the ability to agitate our health and keep us from achieving optimal well-being.

Sarah Sadaka

Just a little bit about us

I’m Sarah. I planted the seed and am now growing Healing Roots Massage & Wellness Center. We offer massage, reiki, yoga, meditation, ayurveda health consultations and treatments, workshops and events. It’s been an incredible first year of business, but I’ll talk more about those offerings another time.

The purpose of this blog

I’m here to say hello and invite you to use this blog as a supplement to your journey to wellness, because things can get stressful and no one really taught us how to relax.  I’ll be talking about all sorts of ways to nurture yourself- body, mind, and spirt. Meditations, pain relieving techniques, essential oils and lots more. Are you excited? I’m excited.

If you’re too excited to wait for more info, then come visit us. We are located in Shadyside and have become one of the best rated massage centers in Pittsburgh, and we’d love to meet you.

One more thing…

Before I leave you, here’s a sneak preview of our next topic of conversation: gratitude. So, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, no matter who is watching or not watching, I want you to close your eyes and allow a nice, easy breath to flow into your nose as you say the words, “I am grateful”.

See, a little better already.

Love and light,